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Watch How Nancy Pelosi Reacts When Reporter Uses the Term 'Gun Control'


"Well, you your self are a strong proponent of gun control. So—"

Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi refused to use the term "gun control" in an interview published this week by Roll Call.

"President Obama has said that he could not support anyone who doesn't support gun control. Do you feel that way as well?" reporter Melinda Henneberger asked.

"Well, I am glad that the president has made that commitment. We in the House, of course, have a diverse caucus and it really is important for us to have a Democratic majority," Pelosi said. "And sometimes we are not on the same page on every issue. The safety of the American people is an oath we take — to protect an defend them. And their safety is very important to us."

"Well, you your self are a strong proponent of gun control. So—," Henneberger said before Pelosi interjected.

"Well, I am a strong supporter of gun safety," the Democratic congresswoman quipped. "I think almost everybody in our caucus would support — I don't know that the president said 'gun control.' Because we don't even — we are talking about responsible, reasonable, common sense background checks. Overwhelmingly the American people support that."

"So that you're saying would not keep you from supporting Gene Green, the incumbent from Texas who is a supporter of the NRA?" Henneberger pressed.

"I think many people in the NRA support responsible background checks. I don't know the standard that the president is using, but I think that many Democratic supporters throughout the country have gun safety — that means responsible background checks," Pelosi answered.

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