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Mark Levin Blows Up Over Trump's 'Mindless' Attacks on Cruz: 'I'm Sick and Tired of Stupid Talk!


"And whatever candidate tries to draw us into these arguments...I call them out!"


Conservative talk radio host Mark Levin on Monday blasted attacks used by Republican frontrunner Donald Trump against 2016 rival Ted Cruz, calling them "stupid" and "mindless" in a 9-minute rant on his nationally syndicated program.

"This is why I'm sick and tired of stupid talk!" Levin said on his program. "This is why I'm sick and tired of stupid issues! I didn't spend 40 years of my life — 45 to be exact — to reach a point where we actually might take back the White House with somebody who is conservative, whomever that is, to be discussing birther issues! And fake issues!"

"And whatever candidate tries to draw us into these arguments and these debates that are mindless, that are useless, are not going to save this republic, are not going to affect the debt, the kinds of judges we have, strengthen our military, then I call them out!" he continued. "Whether some people like it or not. It's that simple."

"This birth nonsense has gone on long enough for most of us," Levin exclaimed. "If there are websites that want to keep entertaining it, entertain it. If there are nut job lawyers and professors who want to bring the lawsuits, I beg you, bring the lawsuits! But the rest of us don't have to be dragged into stupidity."

In recent weeks, Trump has questioned whether Cruz is eligible to hold the office of president because of his Canadian birthplace. The Texas senator has dismissed the criticism as a non-issue, but Trump has only doubled down.

Levin contended that the attacks on Cruz are really an attack on the entire grassroots Tea Party movement.

"The attack on Cruz in many ways is an attack on us," he said toward the end of his monologue. "That's the problem. He's nasty, nasty, nasty, Donald says. Why? Because Mitch McConnell says he's nasty? Because Bob Dole thinks he's nasty? Because the ruling elite Republicans think he's nasty?"

Levin added, "Ladies and gentlemen, you are attacking yourself. I don't care who you like, it doesn't even make any sense. So all of a sudden, what we thought was courage, what we thought was Mr. Smith goes to Washington, you and I are supposed to believe this guy is bought off by the banks, this guy is nasty, screw him?"

"Is that what we are supposed to do?" he asked.

This is not the first time Levin has criticized Trump for going after Cruz. In mid-December, the talk radio host assailed the billionaire over another issue, saying in a fiery radio rant that Trump had "really screwed up."

(H/T: Mediaite)

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