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Florida Valet Driver's Attempt to Show Off Lamborghini Goes Terribly Wrong


A valet driver's decision to take a guest's Lamborghini for a spin turned into one hot — and expensive — mess when the luxury sports car went up in flames.

While showing off the $400,000 vehicle as he passed by a Miami, Fla., mall, the driver most assuredly drew an audience, but probably not for the reasons he intended. The valet driver over-revved the engine, resulting in a blaze coming from the exhaust pipe.

"Guy revving his Lambo like an idiot and it catches fire on Lincoln Road," one person who saw the car catch fire wrote on Instagram. "Be safe out there, the Bros are in town."

As soon as some nearby men saw the flames, they rushed over to help put out the fire, but the damage was already done. The car was out of commission and had to be pushed down the street.

Watch the flaming car in the video below:

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