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Capital of World's Most Powerful Country Crippled by One Inch of Snow


"So this is not a usual commute from work to home."

A single inch of snow was enough to paralyze Washington, D.C., Wednesday evening, causing massive traffic delays throughout the region.

The light snow led to icy road conditions that morphed the evening drive home into an absolute nightmare for many commuters.

The D.C. Mayor's Office discouraged residents from traveling on the roads and asked those who "must travel this evening" to "use extreme caution as temperatures and precipitation will create hazardous conditions."

Frustrated drivers shared images of the traffic delays to Twitter.

"So this is not a usual commute from work to home," one person wrote.

The Virginia State Police reported 163 traffic accidents, according to WTTG-TV.

The D.C. region is bracing for a possible blizzard expected to hit the area later this week.

A source told WTTG reporter Emily Miller that D.C. had zero salt trucks on the road as the storm hit.

The mayor was expected to address the situation at a Thursday morning press conference.

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