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Surfer's Epic Response After Terrifying Fall From Top of Monster Hawaiian Wave Known as 'Jaws


"swallow you whole"

They call the giant wave "Jaws" for a reason.

Not unlike the grizzled fisherman Quint's description of the Great White shark that terrorized Amity Island on the silver screen, the mountain of water that rises up on the north shore of Maui will "swallow you whole." And in real life.

Surfer Tom Dosland no doubt is aware of that hard truth — and after what happened to him Thursday, he may be feeling that adage for quite a while.

Video captured Dosland at the top of "Jaws" just as the wave was breaking. Just a mere 40 feet or so high, mind you.

Then he lost his board and started falling — vertically.

Watch it all unfold:

A video posted by Tom Dosland (@tommyd_4) on

He ate it, disappearing below tons of water — and the clip doesn't indicate what happened next.

But there's no cause for getting your Oakleys in a bunch; Dosland lived to recount his "crazy day," telling folks via Instagram that he "never felt so alive!! thank you for all the love!"

Here's his spectacular wipeout from another angle:

A video posted by davin (@davin.phelps) on

(H/T: Bleacher Report)

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