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'It Was Astounding!’: Rush Limbaugh Says He Couldn’t Help but Watch Bill Clinton During Hillary’s Iowa Speech


"I saw it all, folks."

Rush Limbaugh (Image source: YouTube)

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh claimed Tuesday afternoon that he had finally "seen it all."

During a segment of his show Tuesday, Limbaugh described the scene during Hillary Clinton's victory speech Monday night, after she narrowly edged-out Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders for the win in the Iowa Democratic caucus. Limbaugh mostly focused on her aging husband, though, former president Bill Clinton.

"Bill Clinton standing behind Hillary last night, I saw that too," Limbaugh began. "I saw it all. I saw Prep H. I saw Geritol. I saw Fixodent. I saw Depends."

He continued, "I saw it all. I saw … dripping saliva. I saw it all, folks. It was…it was…it was astounding."

Limbaugh was commenting on the physical appearance of both Bill and Hillary, which he labeled "striking." Hillary is currently age 68, while Bill is currently age 69.

Limbaugh went on to describe Hillary's speech, likening it to "screeching [from] a bunch of seagulls that have starved out near Alcatraz for a while."

(H/T: Daily Rushbo)

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