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Fox Business Guest Slams Jesse Watters for Constantly Praising Trump


"You’ve been debasing yourself at the feet of his golden throne over and over and over again on Fox."

Things got slightly uncomfortable on Fox Business when The Federalist's Ben Domenech went after Fox News' Jesse Watters for what he viewed as his constant praise of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The conversation started when Watters condemned Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton's surrogates for constantly playing the gender card, branding the strategy as "identity politics."

That comment, however, was enough to send Domenech, who participated in the National Review's "Against Trump," over the edge, going after Watters Monday on "Kennedy" for praising Trump.

"Jesse, you have for months been singing the praises of the most identity-politics candidate in this race: Donald Trump," Domenech said. "You’ve been debasing yourself at the feet of his golden throne over and over and over again on Fox."

Last month, Watters criticized those participated in the National Review's "Against Trump" symposium, saying the writers were "putting their pure conservatism over the country."

"You accused me of putting my principles ahead of my country just the other day on Fox News because I said that Donald Trump wasn’t a conservative," Domenech charged. "You were [criticizing] every single person participating in the National Review symposium as putting principle ahead of the country."

Domenech continued, making his case that Trump is not a real conservative, telling Watters that the billionaire businessman was calling for "protectionism" and "sanctions against companies."

Watters told Domenech that he doesn't endorse any candidate, but defended his comments against the National Review, saying, "Let's not nitpick" if Trump is the GOP nominee. In addition, Watters said he wasn't going after Domenech personally in his comments.

"I've never met you," Watters said with a grin. "You seem like a nice guy."

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