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We Wouldn't Tolerate These Values in Our Children': Cruz Slams Trump on Eminent Domain in New Ad


"I like bailouts for the banks," one boy says, followed by another who says, "Too big to fail."

Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz went after New Hampshire primary winner Donald Trump Tuesday night with a new ad slamming the billionaire's "values" and his support of eminent domain.

The video, which features Trump as an "action figure," depicts three children playing as they discuss the businessman's political history.

"Look, I got the Trump action figure," the boy holding the Trump doll says.

When asked what he does, the little boy says Trump "pretends to be a Republican." The kids then list off positions Trump has held in the past that the Cruz campaign suggests are contrary to conservative values.

"I like bailouts for the banks," one boy says, followed by another who says, "Too big to fail."

"I gave money to Pelosi, Reid and Anthony Weiner," another little boy says, as the three boys laugh.

Then the ad turns toward Trump's relationship with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, referencing the Republican frontrunner's claim that Clinton came to his wedding because he donated to the Clinton Foundation.

"Hey, Hillary," the Trump doll says to a Clinton doll. "I'll give you money to be my friend."

Ultimately, the ad settles on Trump's consistent support of eminent domain, when one of the boys picks up a female doll standing by a doll house and says, "Check out my house, Mr. Trump."

"That's a lousy house," The Trump doll charges. "I'm going to take your house with eminent domain and park my limos there."

The boys then begin destroying the house, with the help of the Trump doll.

"We wouldn't tolerate these values in our children," the ad says as it ends. "Why would we want them in a president?"

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