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Iran Releases New Propaganda Footage of Detained U.S. Navy Sailors — One Appears to Be Crying


"All indications suggest or tell us that our sailors were well taken care of."

Screengrab via Twitter video/@abasinfo

Iran has released new videos of the U.S. sailors who were detained last month — this time showing one man who appears to be crying.

The new propaganda video features previously released footage of the sailors sitting on their knees on a boat with their hands behind their heads in a submissive position. The new video cuts away multiple times to one sailor as he seems to wipe tears from his eyes and face with a white tissue.

The sailors — nine men and one woman — were detained by Iran last month after their boats reportedly drifted into Iranian territorial waters. All sailors were freed the next day, prompting the Obama administration to publicly thank the Iranian government for its swift return of the Americans — a move condemned by many, especially GOP presidential candidates.

"I’m appreciative for the quick and appropriate response of the Iranian authorities," Secretary of State John Kerry said in January, according to Politico. "All indications suggest or tell us that our sailors were well taken care of, provided with blankets and food and assisted with their return to the fleet earlier today."

In other propaganda videos released by Iran, a solider issues an apology — although it is unclear in the video what the apology was for.

"It was a mistake, it was our fault, and we apologize for our mistake," the solider said.

Iran's Revolutionary Guard posted photos of the U.S. troops on its website prior to their release. Gen. Ali Fadavi, the Revolutionary Guard's navy chief, asserted that the American boats engaged in "unprofessional acts" for approximately 40 minutes before they were captured by Iranian forces as they entered the country's territorial waters.

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