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Ace Beats Six: Card Draw Tie-Breaker Lands Clinton Nevada Delegate


After one Nevada precinct had a split vote of 15 to 15, precinct chairwoman Peggy Rhoades reached for a deck of cards.

Nevada caucus. Image via Twitter

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton won one delegate Saturday in a tie precinct in Pahrump, Nevada, because her precinct captain won a card draw, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Precinct 10 at Morse Elementary School had a voter turnout of 30, with a split outcome of 15 to 15. Following state Democratic Party rules, precinct chairwoman Peggy Rhoades opened the sealed deck of cards she was given in the event that there was a tie. The candidate with the higher card would receive the fifth available delegate.

Before the drawing, Rhoades, a member of the Nye County Democratic Party’s central committee, removed the jokers from the deck. Representatives from the Clinton and Sanders campaigns requested that the cards be shuffled three times, which Rhoades did. She then spread the 52 cards out across a table.

Clinton’s representative drew first and pulled an ace. Sanders’ precinct captain then drew a six of hearts.

(H/T: Wall Street Journal)

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