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Just Listen to Reason Trump Floats As Possible Gov't Motive for IRS Audit (and Pay Attention to CNN Anchor's Facial Expression)


"What do you mean?"

Republican presidential contender Donald Trump suggested Thursday night that the Internal Revenue Service may have audited him in previous years because of his "strong" Christian faith.

The billionaire made the claim after the GOP debate when he was asked why he would not immediately release tax returns from prior years. Trump said it would not be smart to release such documents during the audit, then floated a possible reason for the audit.

"I'm always audited by the IRS. Which I think is very unfair. I don't know. Maybe because of religion, maybe because of something else, maybe because I'm doing this, but this is just recently," Trump told CNN anchor Chris Cuomo.

"What do you mean, religion?" Cuomo asked.

"Well, maybe because of the fact I am a strong Christian," Trump said, resulting in a noticeable facial expression from Cuomo.

The CNN host asked Trump if he really felt he was being targeted because he's a "strong Christian."

"Well, you see what has happened," Trump replied. "You see the religious groups that have been complaining about that. They've bene complaining about it for a long time."

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