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Man Accused of Shooting Pastor Who Prayed at Ted Cruz Rally Allegedly Thought Pastor Was Part of Alien Conspiracy


"I'm also 100% sane, 0% crazy."

The man who allegedly shot an Idaho pastor in a church parking over the weekend appeared in court Wednesday. The court appearance came one day after his arrest for reportedly throwing items over the White House's security fence.

The Coeur d’Alene Police Department in Idaho named Kyle Andrew Odom, 30, as the suspect who allegedly shot Pastor Tim Remington in the parking lot at the Alter Church Sunday, just a day after the pastor delivered a prayer at a presidential campaign rally for Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz at the Kootenai County Fairgrounds.

Although the police have not found any specific information suggesting that the shooting was politically motivated, the shooting occurred before authorities discovered a 32-page letter allegedly written by Odom in which he named Remington as a member of a vast alien conspiracy.

The letter, which began with Odom reportedly stating, "As you can see I am pretty smart. I'm also 100% sane, 0% crazy," was sent to both his parents and to various media outlets and included pages from his school transcripts and U.S. Marine Corps discharge, according to CNN. The letter claimed that Odom's life had been ruined by amphibian-humanoids from Mars and included sketches of alien-like faces.

Odom also allegedly claimed that Remington began texting him innocuous Bible messages before the texts turned threatening.

"I thought nothing of it until helicopters started flying around my house all day and all night," Odom wrote in his letter, according to CNN.

In addition, the letter claimed that members at Remington's church told him they wanted him to be a sex slave, and Odom reportedly added a message for President Barack Obama and other "noteworthy Martians," including U.S. lawmakers and Israeli government officials, who "are not what you think."

"I hope something good comes of it," Odom wrote. "Just realize that I'm a good person, and I'm completely innocent."

Odom appeared in the D.C. Superior Court Wednesday following his arrest for throwing flash drives and other unknown objects over the White House's security fence, according to the Washington Examiner. After declining to waive an extradition hearing, Odom will remain in jail without bond pending an April 6 hearing as he faces charges for attempted homicide and attempted first-degree murder.

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