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Release the Transcripts or Get Your A** Out of the Race': Angry Occupiers Hit Clinton Over Wall Street Speeches


A group of protesters gathered outside the Trump Building near Wall Street on Wednesday to demand Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton release transcripts of speeches she made to large financial institutions or consider exiting the presidential race.

"You, Hillary Clinton, are not even a Democrat," screamed one protester, who said she supported Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. "You are a corporatist."

"Either release the transcript or get your ass out of the race," she added.

The same woman later told a man who was arguing with the protesters that nobody at the rally would consider voting for Clinton under and circumstance.

Another seemingly less irate protester, Jim Costanzo, told TheBlaze while he did not suspect there were any bombshells in the transcripts of the speeches he did suspect Clinton double talk.

She talked about "what she would do to allow the Wall Street establishment to prosper," he said. "She was giving an economic plan of how this country will grow... and it was more about Wall Street than it was about me and it about the working people in America."

Costanzo said that if Clinton were to win the Democratic nomination, he would have no choice but to vote for her over any Republican alternative.

The issue of what might be in the unreleased transcripts of speeches Hillary Clinton gave to major financial institutions in New York City, has gained prominence in recent weeks as Bernie Sanders has assailed her in speeches, demanding she release the texts.

Clinton's stock reply has been that she would agree to release those transcripts once all candidates from both parties released similar documents.

Sanders earned applause at the Democratic debate on Michigan earlier this week retorting that he has no such documents as he not accepted money from Wall Street, given speeches.

"I'm your Democratic opponent, and I agree to release [my transcripts]," he said. "Here it is! There ain't nothing!"

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