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Ex-Religious Right Leader Unleashes on Trump and the GOP: 'I Want to Offer a Word of Caution...


"You Republicans are going to be destroyed in November..."

Frank Schaeffer, son of the late theologian and author Francis Schaeffer, released a scathing video message to Republican leaders on Wednesday, essentially accusing them of racism.

Schaeffer, who has made a splash in recent years after leaving the religious right behind and embracing a more liberal worldview, explained his departure from conservative politics.

"Back in the 70s and 80s I was a religious right leader," he said. "I dropped out of the religious right in the 90s when they just turned into a party of rejection and hate, with the gay bashing and anti-women's stance and all the rest of it. I changed my views. I changed my faith."

Despite leaving it all behind, Schaeffer said that he is stunned by how far he perceives those negative sentiments as having gone, specifically citing the rise and pertinence of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

"[Obama] faces utter rejection from the Republicans who are just 'the party of no' when it comes to anything that our first African American wants to do," Schaeffer said. "And this is just straight-out racism. This is a white oligarchy hanging on to power."

He continued, "I want to offer a word of caution to that white power group that runs the Senate and Congress. Your days are numbered."

Schaeffer said that the Republicans will face an uphill battle in November, predicting that the GOP will lose big at both the legislative and executive levels, at one point calling Obama "one of the best presidents this country has ever had."

"You Republicans are going to be destroyed in November and you're going to lose the Senate and you may lose the House," he said.

Watch his comments below:

My Open Video Letter to the Republican Leadership: "You ARE TRUMP" You Will Crash in Nov 2016#nevertrump #elections2016

Posted by Frank Schaeffer on Wednesday, March 16, 2016


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