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Man Alleges This Video Shows Racist Trump Supporter Attacking Him at Gas Station: ‘Brown Trash, Go Home’


"The worst part was him saying Trump will make America great again."

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A pair of Wichita State students, who claim they were recently attacked at a gas station by a Donald Trump supporter, says there is video to prove their claims.

The alleged attack occurred March 12, according to Khondoker Usama. Usama, a Muslim, and his Hispanic friend were at a gas station pumping gas when a man rode up on a motorcycle yelling racial epithets at them, Usama told the Wichita Eagle.

According to surveillance footage from the gas station, the confrontation quickly turned physical.

About one minute into the video, a man appears to ride up on a motorcycle and begins to exchange words with Usama and his friend. The confrontation begins as a few shoves and pushes before Usama's friend is completely beat down by the man. After a nearly three-minute confrontation, the man gets back on his motorcycle and quickly rides off.

But according to Usama, neither he, nor his friend, provoked the man.

In an interview with KAKE-TV, Usama said the man on the motorcycle rode up to the gas station, first hurling racial statements at a black man pumping gas — then turning to him and his friend. Usama told the news station that the man yelled "brown trash go home," while chanting "Trump, Trump, Trump."

"The worst part was him saying Trump will make America great again," Usama said.

"I would like to see that justice has been served, and I would like to see that we as a community we stand united and we would move forward from this dent in our social life," he added.

Police are still investigating the incident and are asking the man on the motorcycle to come forward with his version of events.

However, Usama contends that the released surveillance footage makes it clear who the aggressor was.

"It strengthens my side of the narrative," he told KAKE. "It makes it more clear that we were the victims and this person is the attacker."

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