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Woman Appears to 'Vanish' Into Thin Air During Live TV Report, Sending Internet Into a Frenzy


"They walk among us."

Image source: Mashable

The Internet has once again gone berserk over a viral video circulating across social media this week.

In the video snippet taken from a live news report on Danish TV, a woman appears to "vanish" into thin air in the background as a man is being interviewed on TV2's Sports Center at an airport baggage claim. One second, the blonde-haired woman in question can be seen with her arms crossed and chatting with another woman walking past her who is pushing a trolley, but then mere seconds later, she appears to "vanish" as the other woman continues walking off-camera.

Ever since the clip was posted to Reddit on Thursday, Internet users have been collectively scratching their heads and marveling at the eerie spectacle as they postulated their theories and explanations for the woman's disappearance.

"Okay that's the creepiest thing I've seen in a while," wrote one person on Imgur. "Almost hope it's fake!"

"That's some serious precision, but you can barely see her disappear behind the other girl, almost unnoticeable," another person said.

"For a briefest moment you can see a part of her foot when she starts walking behind the lady with the cart," wrote another.

"Is this what happens when white girls literally can't even?" another Imgur user asked before receiving this response from another user: "No this is when they's conditioned government assassins who've lost their memory and need to disappear without a trace."

"She's a witch! Burn her!! I mean ... if you can find her ..." declared another commenter.

"Some people will do anything to avoid TSA," another noted.

"Accurate representation of my love life," another lamented.

"Holy hell, no more beer for me...just for tonight," another commenter said.

"They walk among us," one person wrote.

"Guys guys guys, you guys, she walks with the same speed in the same direction as the front lady!" another commenter wrote.

Watch part of the actual video below:

(H/T: Huffington Post)

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