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57-Year-Old Mom Pays Nearly $60K for Cosmetic Surgery to Look Exactly Like Her Daughter — See the Creepy Photos


"She got her looks from me in the first place."

A 57-year-old U.K. mother spent roughly $60,000 (40,000 pounds) on cosmetic surgery — including Botox treatments, hair extensions, an eye lift and breast augmentation — all so she could look like her daughter, 35, according to the U.K.'s Mirror.

For those who might condemn the woman’s decision to spend so much on her appearance, there’s more bad news: Apparently, it worked. The mother, Janet Horrocks, and her daughter, Jane Cunliffe, said they look so similar now that they are often mistaken for sisters.

"She got her looks from me in the first place,” Horrocks told Barcroft TV. “All I am doing is just maintaining that look."

Horrocks does, however, have to get regular Botox and fillers to touch up her youthful look. For her, beauty is pain and money.

Horrocks’ plastic surgery obsession began in 2001, according to Mirror. Since then she has had an eye-lift, a nose job, veneers and two breast surgeries — taking her from an A-cup to an E-cup. The total cost for all of these procedures was around $30,000.

But it didn’t stop there. The British mom would go on to get hair extensions, laser resurfacing to her face and eyebrow tattooing. That, plus the regular Botox and fillers, has set her back another $30,000, so far.

Cunliffe, who is against the idea of cosmetic surgery, shared with Barcroft TV her fears that she will one day look older than her mother.

"I felt like my youth had been taken away, and it didn't feel fair,” Cunliffe said.

"When I first told her my new look was based on her, she was shocked and couldn't understand why a mum would want to look like her daughter,” Horrocks said of her daughter. "She was quite annoyed at first."

Seeing that there was no stopping her mother, Cunliffe had somewhat of a change of heart.

"I think the amount of money that my mum has spent on cosmetic surgery is silly but at the end of the day, it makes her feel good, and it has makes her feel confident,“ she said.

"My relationship with my mum is a really good one,” she continued. "We are very, very close. She is like my sister and mother all in one.”

Horrocks seemed satisfied with this response and confirmed that the surgery will be a lifetime habit.

"I always want to maintain this look,” she said. “It's just me, and I can't help it. I will continue to do so until the day I die."


(H/T: Mirror)

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