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Blind YouTuber Explains What He Imagines Having the Ability to See Is Like


"It's so weird. It's really tough to get my head around."

A blind YouTube film critic uploaded a video online Wednesday explaining what he imagined having the ability to see would be like.

Tommy Edison's video was in response to a viewer question: "Do blind people understand vision?"

"Vision is an incredible thing. Like I have no idea how it works. The things that you guys are able to do blows my mind," Edison said at the outset of the video. "And the things that you are not able to too. Like you can't see in the dark. ... Wow. In the dark I get around perfectly fine."

Edison, who has been blind since birth, said one of the things that "really blows my mind" is depth perception.

"Like, you know how far away things are. For example, so you're driving a car. You're driving like 40 mph and then there's a red light and you just slow down, slow down gently. And you're right in position, right next to another car. At the light. I don't know if I quite understand how that all works," he said.

The YouTuber also said the ability to navigate through a crowed was "really cool." He also said that the "ability to catch a ball is neat."

Edison revealed that at a baseball game he is "always afraid" that if his friend leaves him that he could get hit with a foul ball.

"It really is scary to me," he said.

Edison concluded trying to imagine what it would be like to see.

"You guys just open your eyes in the morning and you see everything in your room and you know everything was where you left it last night," Edison said. "When you walk outside — you can just look out the window and see what kind of a day it is. Whether it's a sunny day. You can't see whether or not it's warm, but you can see whether it's sunny, cloudy, raining, snowing or whatever."

"See these are all the things that you do ... I don't know if I understand what seeing actually is," he added. "It's so weird. It's really tough to get my head around."

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