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Chris Christie Finally Explains Viral Photo of Him Eating M&Ms


"I like to linger over my M&Ms and enjoy them."

Image source: Twitter, @PeteBlackburn

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie became the subject of an Internet controversy of sorts after a photo of him pouring one container of M&Ms into another container of M&Ms at a recent basketball game went viral.

On Wednesday, Christie called into WFAN's "Boomer & Carton" to defend himself.

"There's a bag inside the box, you dope," Christie told co-host Chris Carton.

"The reason I called in this morning was your dopey [Twitter] following of the story of me and M&Ms," the former Republican presidential candidate added.

“It's easier to hold the box than hold the bag," Christie said in response to questions about his snacking habit.

"You get the box, you open the box, there's a bag inside the box," Christie said. "Why they do it that way, I have no idea. But you open up the bag, pour the bag into the box. It's easier."

"Why not just eat them out of the bag?" Carton asked.

"Because the bag is flimsy," Christie said. "The box is solid. And when you are an enthusiastic Notre Dame Fighting Irish fan as I am, you don't want a flimsy bag in your hand. You want a solid box in your hand."

"But it's a small bag," Carton interjected. "Just eat out of the bag. Isn't it a waste of time?"

"No," Christie said. "Because I like to linger over my M&Ms and enjoy them, not just pour them down my mouth."

"Why not just sell the bag ... or sell them in a box?" Carton asked.

"Listen, I run New Jersey, not M&Ms," Christie replied.

Carton interjected that M&Ms is a local company because they have a plant in Hackettstown, New Jersey.

"Of course it is," Christie said. "We love them. It's the 75th anniversary of M&Ms. We're thrilled. And you're an idiot!"

Carton asked Christie if he could shut the company down over their packaging.

"No, what I'd like to do is shut you down," Christie said. "You joined the dummies in the Twitter-verse who think that ... Even if it was bag to bag, how that's a story I have no idea."

In case you were wondering, Christie said they were plain M&Ms, because they weren’t selling peanut M&Ms that evening.

Christie also briefly addressed his endorsement of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

"I think he's the best candidate among the remaining candidates to be President and I support Donald," Christie said.

(H/T The Star-Ledger)

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