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The Associated Press Tweet and Headline That Have One Reporter Charging That the Outlet Is 'Openly Pushing Democratic Talking Points


"There’s no excuse for inserting that opinion into a headline."

A tweet and a headline published by the Associated Press this week caught the ire of at least one reporter over the inclusion of the words "War on Women," with the journalist arguing that the outlet's use of such a political term was entirely inappropriate for a factual news piece.

The headline and Twitter text in question? "War on women? GOP silent as Trump sounds off on abortion."

Mediaite's Alex Griswold penned a piece chastising the Associated Press on Thursday, counting the use of the term "War on Women" as being rooted — at least in the context of this particular piece — entirely in opinion.

In fact, he accused the outlet of "openly pushing Democratic talking points."

"Whether Donald Trump‘s comments that women who have abortions should be punished are actually part of a nefarious war on an entire gender being waged by Republicans is besides the point," Griswold wrote. "There are certainly those who believe that and who believe that the failure of some Republicans to denounce those comments are part of the same 'war.'"

He continued, "But there’s no excuse for inserting that opinion into a headline of a purely factual straight news piece."

Griswold said that the only reason to bring "War on Women" up in a headline was to "color" readers' opinion by framing the issue before they have had a chance to read the contents of the piece.

He also made the point that some Republicans have, indeed, commented on Trump's controversial abortion claims, including denunciations that came from both Ted Cruz and John Kasich, thus calling into question the notion that the GOP has been "silent" on the matter.

Read Griswold's analysis here.

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(H/T: Mediaite)

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