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NY Times' David Brooks Has a Few Wishes for Trump 'When He's Down There in Hades


"People will say, ‘Who’s the biggest loser in American politics?’"


New York Times columnist David Brooks predicted that Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump likely will be the party's nominee but added a few caveats to his crystal ball — along with some insults.

Brooks, who appeared on a "Meet the Press" panel Sunday, said that while Trump will likely be the GOP choice, the billionaire real estate mogul also is "the walking dead" because he'll be dealt a "crushing defeat" in the November election.

But Brooks wasn't done, noting that Trump will be "known for a hundred years from now" for losing the election.

"People will say, ‘Who’s the biggest loser in American politics?’" Brooks told the panel. "And it won’t be McGovern, it won’t be Dukakis, the word ‘Trump.’ And I hope when he’s down there in Hades, he’s aware of all that.”

(H/T: The Right Scoop)

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