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Atheists Absolutely Unleash on 'Angry, Vindictive God of the Bible' in Fiery Reaction to Tennessee Bill: 'Condones...Bloodthirsty Genocide


"Rife with teachings unacceptable in today's world."

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The Freedom From Religion Foundation, an atheist activist group, is absolutely outraged by the Tennessee legislature's attempt to make the Bible the state's official book, releasing an excoriating statement claiming that the Bible is "rife with teachings unacceptable in today's world."

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The atheist organization went on to claim that the Bible endorses horrific behaviors, citing verses that it claims prove each purported moral infraction.

"The bible endorses slavery (Exodus 20:21) and misogyny (Gen. 3:16 and throughout)," the statement read. "The angry, vindictive god of the bible, whose 'name is jealous' (Exodus 34:14), commands, condones and commits bloodthirsty genocide and ethnic cleansing (examples: Deuteronomy 20:16–17, Numbers 33:52–53), and calls for putting to death homosexuals (Leviticus 18:22)."

The text continued, "The bully of scripture even threatens to rip open pregnant women (Hosea 13:16) and to cause them to eat their children (Leviticus 26:28–29)."

And it wasn't just the Old Testament that came under fire, with the Freedom From Religion Foundation saying that Jesus "threatened hellfire" and "encouraged castration" in Matthew 19:12, bodily mutilation in Matthew 5:29 and the hatred of one's family in Like 14:26.

Of course, theologians have addressed these verses for eons, offering up a variety of contexts and explanations in an effort to make greater sense of what was and is happening within the aforementioned scriptures.

While this particular story won't explore each and every scripture reference that was invoked by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, TheBlaze has looked extensively at Christian theologians' and experts' responses to atheists claims throughout our "Inside the Bible" series.

We have explored whether the Bible really supports rape and polygamy and whether stoning was truly endorsed. Recently, famed preacher John Piper answered whether atheists' claims that the Bible instructs the killing of homosexuals is actually valid.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation's strong response to the Tennessee bill comes as the legislature also recently passed a bill that would protect therapists and counselors who choose not to treat certain clients who hold religious beliefs that differ from their own.

It is unclear whether Republican Gov. Bill Haslam will sign either measure into law. As for the Bible bill, the Freedom From Religion Foundation concluded that "the governor must veto this rogue bill and tell Tennessee legislators to get off their knees and get to work."


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