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Watch This Visual Representation of What Would Happen if Every Person on Earth Jumped at the Same Time



Image source: Business Insider Science

According to Business Insider Science, if every person on Earth — all 7 billion of us — jumped at the same time, our landing back on Earth would release enough energy to trigger earthquakes with magnitudes between 4 and 8.

The size of the earthquakes would depend on how much energy is absorbed by the ground versus how much energy is absorbed by everyone's shoes. If the earthquake was to be on the higher end of the magnitude range, the video said it would be enough to collapse poorly constructed buildings, topple electrical lines, bend train rails out of shape and demolish bridges.

The noise caused by the landing would be approximately 200 decibels, the video said, which is enough to shatter eardrums.

In addition, if there were earthquakes triggered near coastlines, then tsunamis — with waves over 100 feet tall — could be triggered.

However, the force of every human on Earth jumping and landing at the same time would not produce enough energy to alter Earth's orbit around the sun or its daily rotation, the video said.

Watch the video:

(H/T: Business Insider Science)

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