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‘Your Mic Is Hot! What Are You Saying?’: Listen to Hannity’s Reaction to Geraldo’s Unfiltered Remarks on Bernie Sanders


Fox News host Sean Hannity apparently wasn’t sure if Geraldo Rivera realized that his mic was “hot” on Tuesday night when he went on an unfiltered rant against Bernie Sanders.

“He’s so annoying. This guy is so annoying,” Rivera said as Sanders took the stage at a rally in Oregon.

“Your mic is hot!” Hannity interjected. “What are you saying?”

Unfazed, Rivera replied, “That he’s so annoying.”

He added, “And people that think that his supporters go to Donald Trump are smoking dope.”

Watch the segment below via Fox News:

Trump cruised to victory in Republican primaries in West Virginia and Nebraska on Tuesday, while Bernie Sanders defeated Hillary Clinton in West Virginia.

(H/T: Raw Story)


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