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I Am a Transwoman': Video Reveals This Transgender Individual's Surprising Stance on Controversial Bathroom Policies


"I think it's time that we care for women and children."

A conservative legal firm released a video this week pushing back against policies that would allow transgender individuals to use the restrooms and locker rooms that correspond with their self-perceived gender identities.

The clip, which is mainly comprised of testimonies from a number of sexual assault victims, also includes comments from Jaqueline Sephora Andrews, a transgender individual who was born a man, but now identifies as a woman.

Andrews joined critics featured in the clip in speaking out against controversial bathroom policies that are being enacted across the country.

"I am a transwoman and a parent, but I totally reject this law. It’s a law that allows for any man to be able to say he’s a woman and access women’s spaces," Andrews said. "I personally think there should be a separate space for trans or anyone that they can access, and at the same time it protects trans safety ... and the privacy of anyone, especially women and children."

Andrews continued, "I think it's time that we care for women and children, that we care for the concerns of women and children, care for the safety of women and children and passing this law is not the way to do it."

Watch the clip below to see Andrews' comments around the 9:00-minute mark:

As TheBlaze previously reported, the Obama administration is directing public schools across the country to permit transgender students to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity.

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