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‘Screwed’: Conservative Radio Host Issues ‘Major Wake-Up Call for the Church,’ Claims This Is Media’s ‘Endgame’ If Trump Is the Nominee


"This is the first election really ... where the full baby has been delivered of the collapse of the American church."

Steve Deace

Radio host and conservative commentator Steve Deace offered up a one-word response when asked to give his take on where the nation currently stands on the political front: "Screwed."

Deace, author of the recently released book "A Nefarious Plot," spoke fervently about the state of the presidential race and its relation to the broader culture, specifically referencing many of the problems that he sees with presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump. At the heart of his opposition is the way in which he believes Trump will be used by the media to denigrate Christians and conservatives.

"The [media's] goal of elevating Trump has not just been ratings," he said. "For decades, the left and the media ... have been looking for a straw men to brand the rest of us with. He's the perfect douche bag for the job, and he even volunteers for it."

In the end, Deace believes that the goal is to try to make evangelicals seem like hypocrites who only have political objectives in mind.

"The goal is to brandish Christianity and conservatism with the negatives of Trump," he continued. "That is the goal and that's the endgame if they get him the nomination."

Listen at the interview at the 44:30 mark below:

Speaking more generally about the political race, Deace compared what's currently happening to the discussion of sin that unfolded in the New Testament Book of Romans.

"I do think that you have all the earmarks if you look at the characteristics of a culture in decline," Deace told The Church Boys podcast. "This is like the Romans 1 election, and you are watching the last vestige of Romans 1."

He continued, "These are people who enjoy creating new ways to do evil and encouraging others to do the same. You're watching this play itself out."

Deace believes that society is currently witnessing the "collapse of the American church" — a dynamic that many feared was coming, but one that he thinks is now on full display, as evidenced through the 2016 election cycle.

"This is the first election really ... where the full baby has been delivered of the collapse of the American church," he said. "It is very real and it is not spectacular."

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during his rally at the Charleston Civic Center on May 5, 2016 in Charleston, West Virginia. (Photo by Mark Lyons/Getty Images)

Mentioning Trump's ascension to bolster his claims, Deace said that the presumptive Republican nominee was open and honest that he simply doesn't care about a biblical worldview, but was somehow still able to secure wins in Bible-friendly states.

"This is where the church is in trouble in the culture," he said. "You've got a bunch of evangelicals or people who think they're evangelicals but they're not ... Theres a lot of people in the south — because they've got a gun rack and they like NASCAR and they believe in America, they think they're evangelicals ... turns out that is not the case and that's a major wake-up call for the church."

Deace also said that Trump he has made favorable comments about Planned Parenthood, saying that he believes that Trump will increase taxes and grow government if elected. He also pointed out Trump's past support of causes and candidates that many conservatives and Christians disagree with.

"That's also what you're voting for for Hillary Clinton," Deace said.


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