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GOP Chairman Rallies Behind Trump, Says 'John Miller' Not the 'Most Important' Thing in Light of Clinton FBI Investigation


He firmly asserted that a third party run would be “a suicide mission” at this point in the race.

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus came to Donald Trump's defense Sunday morning, firmly voicing his support for the GOP's presumptive nominee after one of the candidate's most eventful news weeks.

First, there was the "woman question." When asked about Trump's reported history of degrading women, the chairman said on ABC's "This Week" that the candidate will "have to answer" for the allegations. He added, however, that many of the claims are from "many years ago" and said it was "problematic" for "Christians" to judge each other.

The question regarding Trump's treatment of women has been an ongoing critique of the Republican front-runner, and the criticism only grew amid a New York Times report published Saturday that chronicled Trump's history with women.

Priebus alsp expressed optimism regarding House Speaker Paul Ryan's budding relationship with the candidate.

After their meeting this week, Trump and Ryan released a joint statement, noting the "many important areas of common ground” the hold in common and pledging to have “additional discussions.”

Speaking on whether Ryan will endorse Trump, Priebus said, "I would be surprised if he doesn't get there."

When asked about Trump releasing his tax documents, Priebus argued that his candidate has "rewritten the playbook" for traditional politics, saying that the American people will have to decide which issues they'd like to focus on in this election.

Then, on "Fox News Sunday," Priebus addressed the allegations that Trump once posed as a publicist named "John Miller" by downplaying the scandal of the accusations as not the "most important thing" to consider "when you look at Hillary Clinton," referring to the FBI investigation into the Democratic front-runner's private email server.

Finally, appearing on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Priebus was again asked to speak on the John Miller allegations. Though he acknowledged that the whole incident was “a little bit odd,” he firmly asserted that a third party run would be “a suicide mission” at this point in the race.

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