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Brilliant': Triplets Tell Clever 'Knock Knock' Joke Using Senior Yearbook Photo


“My parents thought it was a cute idea."

Three triplets graduating high school in Texas decided to use their senior yearbook photo to tell a clever "knock, knock" joke.

Kassidy, Keaton and Kylee Durham knew that because they all shared the same last name, they'd be place next to each other in the yearbook. So the Northwest High School students moved to capitalize on it.

“My parents thought it was a cute idea. They said it was ‘brilliant,’” Kassidy told ABC News.

Instead of each of the Forth Worth teenagers choosing a unique quote, they teamed up to crack a joke.

"Knock knock," read the quote under Kassidy's photo.

"Who's there?" read the one under Keaton's.

"Not the triplets. We graduated," read the final quote under Kylee's.

The photo soon gained attention and was widely circulated online among those in the school community.

“I think it was more of a surprise to us from how many people mentioned it on Twitter and how fast it blew up,” she said.

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