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Watch: Weatherman Loses It When Spider Crawls Across Camera During Live Broadcast


“Ahh! Geez Louise!”

Image source: WOWK-TV

The video of a West Virginia meteorologist reacting to a spider that appeared on his weather map during a live report this week has gained international attention and thousands of shares on YouTube and other social media platforms.

WOWK-TV’s Bryan Hughes let out a shrill scream after noticing the large black spider that apparently crawled across the camera lens just as he was about to deliver Thursday’s forecast.

Image source: WOWK-TV

“Ahh! Geez Louise!” he screamed when he saw the spider, which appeared much bigger when projected onto the screen.

“Why did that just happen? I nearly lost my lunch!” an exasperated-but-amused Hughes continued. “Oh man, saints alive, we’ve gotta get out there and kill those things.”

Image source: WOWK-TV

After the WOWK posted a video of the broadcast online, the clip quickly became a viral hit.

As the video spread across the Internet, Hughes tweeted that he “couldn’t help” the reaction he had. “Honestly! I screamed like a little girl,” he wrote. “Now, where’s the matches and gasoline?”

It even gained the attention of the BBC, who engaged in some friendly banter.

“Our @bbcweather presenters are made of tougher stuff!” the British outlet joked.

Hughes, who clearly found the situation just as humorous as everyone else, fired back a reply.


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