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New Mexico Mayhem: Chaos Unfolds As Protests Break Out At Trump Rally


A temporary lockdown was put in place at the front of the site.

Another episode of violent protests broke out Tuesday night at a rally for Donald Trump — this time, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Right outside the venue, several hundred protesters reportedly broke through police barricades, lit fires and threw several items at law enforcement officers and reporters stationed there. At one point, protesters could be seen waving Mexican flags, while shouting obscenities like, "F*** Donald Trump!"

As the disruptions continued to escalate, police rode into the crowds on horseback in an effort to break up the protesting.

The scene became so chaotic, that a temporary lockdown was put in place at the front of the site, where a glass window was shattered, according to Politico. Minor property damage resulted from the protests. Some also claimed to have heard gunshots, but the Albuquerque Police Department later tweeted that there was "no confirmation" that shots had been fired.

While Trump spoke, activists frequently interrupted him. But, in is typical fashion, the brash billionaire was quick to fire back insults at the belligerent protesters.

"He can’t get a date so he’s doing this instead," Trump said of one protester." Of another, he said, "How old is this kid?"

"Still wearing diapers," the presumptive GOP nominee added.

Several protesters outside the event site claimed officers deployed tear gas to disperse the crowds, but police disputed that claim, saying they used smoke bombs instead. However, officers did reportedly use pepper spray on the protesters outside.

It was only protesters who were inside the venue who were apprehended by security, the Times reported. New Mexico holds its presidential primary on June 7.

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