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Just Try Not to Cringe While You Watch Fox News' Jesse Watters Quiz Americans About U.S. History


"Oh God. I wish I studied my history."

When Fox News' Jesse Watters went out on the street to quiz people about America's past wars, he received some curious — and patently comical — responses.

From confusion over why the U.S. commemorates Memorial Day to claims that Asia and Japan won the Civil War, a great many of Watters' interview subjects clearly needed to brush up on their history.

"Who did America defeat in the Revolutionary War?" Watters asked, receiving a variety of incorrect responses, including the French, Russia and Germany.

And some respondents didn't fare much better when it came to their Civil War knowledge, saying that they believed that Asia, the Soviet Union, France, England, Germany, Russia or Japan ended up winning that war.

"Oh God. I wish I studied my history," one confused interview subject shot back.

It didn't end there, though, as one woman proposed that the Cold War was all about "freeing the slaves." Of course, some subjects were more than well-versed on American history.

Watch it all unfold below:

Memorial Day, which will be observed on Monday, remembers those who lost their lives while serving in the U.S. military.


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