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Mom Finds Gang-Themed Posts on Teen Sons' Facebook Pages — and She Decides to Make an Example Out of Them


"I choose not to lose my boys to the street. Under no circumstances."

When a Memphis mother found several gang-themed and inappropriate posts on her teenage sons’ Facebook pages, she made a decision to teach both of them an unforgettable lesson.

Shonta Love told WREG-TV that she was stunned to find videos of her sons referencing the notorious Bloods gang and photos featuring sexual and rude conduct.

“I look on here and I was like, ‘What in the world? I’m not raising him to be a thug,'” Love recalled

So the mom ordered her sons to stand on the corner of the street with signs that read, "My mom works 3 jobs and I’m being disrespectful and ungrateful on Facebook.”

They were forced to stay on the corner for 40 minutes.

Predictably, some criticized the mother for shaming her sons — but Love said she has no regrets about her decision. For her, it’s about saving her sons.

“I choose not to lose my boys to the street. Under no circumstances,” Love said.

She also said both of her teen sons apologized to her over the Facebook posts.

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