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What Happens 17-Seconds Into This Creepy 'Security Footage' Has Some Blaming Demonic Possession


Convulsing, gurgling and collapsing...

A bizarre video featuring a woman convulsing, gurgling and collapsing in the middle of a supermarket aisle in China has sparked speculation on social media that the individual fell prey to demonic possession, according to the Daily Mail.

In the short clip, numerous individuals could be seen approaching to try and help the woman, as she shrieked and thrashed about; her antics caused onlookers to recoil in fear, with the scene going on for around two minutes before she calmed down.

A plethora of theories have emerged about the clip in question, with some rejecting a supernatural explanation.

Watch the video below:

While some have certainly turned to demonology to try and explain what's depicted, others have pondered whether the situation was staged, part of a fictional film, or whether the woman was, instead, suffering from epilepsy or some other health plight.

Considering that we know little about the video's origins, circumstances or intent, anything is possible. And, though there is a time ticker that makes the video look like it came from legitimate security footage, there are a few moments that feel pretty scripted.

Take, for instance, the fact that the woman's convulsions began after a package seemingly fell off of a shelf behind her on its own. It was after she approached to put the package back that she suddenly began acting "possessed." There's also a moment at the 2:00-mark that is movie-like.

According to the Mirror, the video, which was reportedly recorded on May 14, was uploaded to Chinese video-sharing site Youku with the title, "Strange Demonic Possession in Korea," though the incident is said to have unfolded in China.

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(H/T: Daily Mail)


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