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Philadelphia Public Health Department's Attempt to Quash National Donut Day Fails Epically


"Calm down and stop telling people how to live their lives."

The Philadelphia Public Health department took to Twitter Friday to let the internet know that they were very much against #NationalDonutDay. Many businesses offer free donuts on the June 3 national holiday, making the temptation to forgo healthier options too strong to resist.

The department tweeted a plea to Philly residents, asking them to "swipe left" to National Donut Day, referring to the hookup app Tinder, on which users swipe left to let a person know they are not interested.

That didn't go over too well.

After receiving a considerable amount of backlash, the PPHD called on other public organizations for backup.

Unfortunately, they didn't get the response they were likely hoping for from the Philly City Council.

Finally, Independence Blue Cross stepped in to offer their hearty "no" to National Donut Day.

But did that stop donut lovers from indulging in their favorite holiday? Of course not.

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