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She's Going to Hell!': See the Disturbing Video That Has Some Claiming This Woman Is Demon Possessed


"My father is coming for him. He is mine. He is for me."

Just days after a viral clip sparked debate over a Chinese woman's purported — and thoroughly questionable — demonic possession, another video is spreading across social media that features a separate woman who some believe is also under the control of a demonic force.

It's a clip that the Rev. Mark Woods called "undeniably disturbing" in an op-ed for Christian Today, though he cast doubt on claims that it offers slam-dunk proof that the woman depicted in it — who is named Carmela and is presumably from Spain — is definitively possessed.

"I'm going, she's going to hell!" the woman can be seen yelling as her eyes continuously roll back. "This girl doesn't exist now. It doesn't exist."

The woman, who is seemingly laying on a bed inside of an ambulance, appears to be in distress and continues, "My father is coming for him. He is mine. He is for me."

Watch it all unfold below:

Woods said that the clip appears to depict acts that are more in line with "Hollywood's idea of evil than the real thing," invoking "The Exorcist" to note the parallels between the horror classic and what's shown in the video.

The Baptist preacher then goes on to explain what a demonic possession might look like, imploring readers not to assume that someone who exhibits symptoms of mental illness isn't actually suffering from such an affliction.

"We should be very wary about diagnosing something as demonic oppression based on a film script," Woods wrote. "The broken phrases uttered by poor Carmela don't make much sense unless they're filtered through memories of 'The Exorcist'; it's unlikely anyone in 1972 would have given them that meaning."

He continued, "The danger is that we see something we don't understand and leap to the wrong conclusion. It's important to be thoroughly biblical in our approach."

That aside, the pastor also said it's essential not to dismiss the reality of evil in the world today. Read all of his thoughts here.

Not much is known about the clip. What do you think? Let us know below.

(H/T: Christian Today)


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