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Make It Stop': Boston Globe Makes Bold Push for Gun Control In Full Front Page Cover


This is not the New England-based newspaper's first foray into editorializing on current events.

With one image and three words set against a stark white backdrop, the Boston Globe's Thursday front page cover offers a bold, concise message: "Make It Stop."

In Thursday's striking full front page editorial, the historic newspaper portrays a life-size AR-15 rifle, which spreads from the top of the cover to the bottom. To the right of the image, are the words "Make It Stop," with "Stop" emblazoned in red. The cover also includes an image of the actual size of the gun's bullet entry.

The cover started spreading across social media late Wednesday when Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a staunch advocate of stricter gun control, tweeted it out. According to Warren, the Globe's message is "100% correct."

Warren also included the hashtags #filibuster and #holdthefloor, a hat tip to Sen. Chris Murphy's (D-Conn.) lengthy gun control filibuster that carried late into the evening Wednesday.

Murphy promised to remain on the Senate floor "for as long as I can" until Congress moves forward with gun control legislation. Fellow Democrats, including Warren, came to the chamber to assist in continuing the filibuster.

Interestingly, though, when it comes to the Globe's bold cover, which features an AR-15 and is unveiled days after the deadly Orlando attack that left 49 dead and at least 53 injured, is the fact that radicalized Muslim Omar Mateen did not actually use an AR-15, as many outlets claimed.

The attack early Sunday morning marks the deadliest shooting in U.S. history, but it is not the New England-based newspaper's first foray into editorializing on current events.

In April, the Globe published an imaginary front page from April 9, 2017. The controversial cover warned readers about the "deeply troubling" risks that a Donald Trump presidency would pose.

"Deportations to Begin," read the top headline of the futuristic front page.

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