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Media Outlets Wrongly Report 'as Many as 50 Injured' in 'Mass Shooting' at Germany Movie Theater


"Dozens injured."

Image source: New York Daily News

Moments after news broke of a "threat situation" at a German movie theater Thursday, several news outlets seemed to jump to the conclusion that the incident was a "mass shooting" that had resulted in as many as 50 people injured.

"As many as 50 injured in German movie theater attack," the New York Daily News' headline read.

Image source: New York Daily News

"Attack at German cinema leaves 25 injured," CNN reported.

Image source: CNN

Even the right-leaning New York Post called the incident a "mass shooting."

Image source: New York Post

The Voice of America, in its headline, declared "dozens injured."

Image source: Voice of America

And Fox News aired a report claiming that "several people" were wounded.

Image via Twitter/@FoxNews

As TheBlaze reported earlier, no innocents were injured when, according to the Associated Press, the suspect walked into the Kinopolis movie theater in Viernheim, Germany, and fired a gun.

The suspect was shot dead by police about three hours later. A police spokeswoman said the gunman held hostages, but it was unclear how many.

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