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Waitress' Note to Couple Who Spent Dinner on Phones Aiding W.Va. Flood Relief: 'I Know It Isn't Much


"There are still good people in this world!"


When Chris and Dreama Richards had a chance to go out to dinner in Rocky Mount, West Virginia, a great deal of their time at the table Friday evening was spent on their phones, coordinating donations for those hit by deadly flooding in their state.

Their server was curious about where the Richards were from, and the couple explained what they were up to. Turns out the 87-year-old grandmother of the server's husband was affected and hadn't been rescued yet.

To top it off, the pair apologized for appearing "rude" by being on their phones so much during their meal.

Then when the couple got their bill, they instead saw a note from the server on the back of the check:

"Please take the money you would have spent on dinner tonight and use it to buy supplies," she wrote. "I know it isn’t much but I know every little bit helps. God bless you and stay safe."

Dreama Richards posted on Facebook about the couple's encounter: "There are still good people in this world! ... sweet lady, God knows who you are and will surely bless you!"

Richards added that the server's action "made my day" and prompted her to spend the money they saved on dinner for more items for flood victims.

Afterward, the couple put together supplies with Shawnee Baptist Church in Kegley, IJR reported:

Then volunteers loaded it all up and began distributing:

(H/T: IJR)

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