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GOP Reps. Jim Jordan and Mike Pompeo Issue Scathing Addendum to Final Benghazi Report — Here Are the Highlights


"America did not move heaven and earth to rescue our people."

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Reps. Jim Jordan and Mike Pompeo issued a scathing proposed addendum to the final report released Tuesday by the House Select Committee on Benghazi, accusing the Obama administration of misleading the public and not doing enough to “rescue our people.”

However, as Politico notes, the release "does not appear to be signed by any other panel Republicans."

Here are some of the main points from the addendum.

Hillary Clinton “failed to lead”

The State Department has many posts but Libya and Benghazi were different. After Qhaddafi, the U.S. knew that we could not count on host nation security in a country where militias held significant power. The American people expect that when the government sends our representatives into such dangerous places they receive adequate protection. Secretary Clinton paid special attention to Libya. She sent Ambassador Stevens there. Yet, in August 2012, she missed the last, clear chance to protect her people.

“America did not move heaven and earth to rescue our people”

The American people expect their government to make every effort to help those we put in harm’s way when they find themselves in trouble. The U.S. military never sent assets to help rescue those fighting in Benghazi and never made it into Libya with personnel during the attack. And, contrary to the administration’s claim that it could not have landed in Benghazi in time to help, the administration never directed men or machines into Benghazi.

“Administration broke its promise to bring the terrorists to justice”

After the attacks, President Obama promised “justice will be done.” There is no doubt our nation can make good on that commitment. Yet, almost four years later, only one of the terrorists has been captured and brought to the United States to face criminal charges. Even that terrorist will not receive the full measure of justice after the administration chose not to seek the death penalty. The American people are owed an explanation.

“The administration did not cooperate with the investigation”

Despite its claims, we saw no evidence that the administration held a sincere interest in helping the Committee find the truth about Benghazi. There is a time for politics and a time to set politics aside. A national tragedy is one of those times when as a nation we should join together to find the truth. That did not happen here. So while the investigation uncovered new information, we nonetheless end the Committee’s investigation without many of the facts, especially those involving the President and the White House, we were chartered to obtain.

Read the entire addendum from Jordan and Pompeo here:

Proposed additional views of Reps. Jim Jordan and Mike Pompeo


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