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Non-Black' Allies of Black Lives Matter Shut Down I-35W in Minneapolis as People Try to Get to Work


The group said it is a "non-black ally of Black Lives Matter."

Screengrab via WTPS

Protesters angry about police-involved shootings blocked southbound lanes on Interstate 35W in Minneapolis as people were headed to work during the morning rush hour on Wednesday.

The protesters caused traffic to back up for roughly 5 miles, KTSP-TV reported.

Police made about a dozen arrests and were able to open the lanes back up at around 9:15 a.m. ET.

Roughly 40 protesters coordinated the stunt to protest the July 6 shooting of 32-year-old Philando Castile, who was shot and killed by a police officer during a traffic stop. The aftermath of the shooting was streamed live on Facebook.

One of the protesters' signs called for disbanding and disarming police officers.

More from KTSP-TV:

The group said it is a “non-black ally of Black Lives Matter,” but it is not affiliated with the group that has been reacting to the deaths of young black men.

Protesters spilled onto I-35W, holding hands and chanting, bringing traffic headed south into downtown Minneapolis to a standstill. Traffic in the northbound lanes continued.


Buses to remove protesters and tow trucks to remove vehicles were brought onto the interstate.

On Saturday, Black Lives Matter protesters shut down Interstate 94 in Minneapolis for five hours in a demonstration that turned into a violent riot. Police said they arrested 46 people in the riot.


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