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Trump May Be the GOP Nominee, But One Never-Trumper Hopes to Continue Decrying 'The Sociopath' In a New Movie


"This is about the fact that Trump is not suited to sit in the Oval Office."

The ghostwriter for Donald Trump's famous book "The Art of the Deal" says the Republican presidential nominee is a "sociopath," and now one prominent Never-Trumper is borrowing the bold name for a new movie venture about the candidate.

Ben Howe, a contributing editor at conservative news outlet RedState, has never been bashful about his disdain for Trump, but his latest efforts could take his disapproval of the billionaire businessman's candidacy to a whole new level in a movie called "The Sociopath."


He is currently raising money on crowdfunding site GoFundMe in hopes of producing a movie that would outline Trump's meteoric political rise and how he "hijacked" the GOP and "duped" millions of conservative voters all across the country into casting their ballot for him in the bruising Republican presidential primary.

According to Howe, while he and his small team of three at Howe Creative, where he serves as creative director, are spearheading the effort, the film project also boasts the support of fellow Never-Trumpers Resurgent writer Erick Erickson, RedState managing editor Leon Wolf and Republican strategists Liz Mair and Rick Wilson.

Howe's main focus is "stopping Trump."

"This is about the fact that Trump is not suited to sit in the Oval Office as a matter of human decency, not simply that his policies would be objectionable. Whether it pushes people to support Gary Johnson or to abstain from voting, that’s up to the individual," Howe told TheBlaze, referring to the Libertarian Party's presidential nominee. "This film’s only purpose is to show people who Trump really is in the context of a presidential candidate, and with longer exposure than the sound bites that most people get of him."

Howe said he understands why some might see the project as a "movie-length campaign ad" for Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, but insists Trump is "way too far outside of the bounds of what is acceptable that even a criminal would be preferable to having an unstable sociopath with the nuclear codes."

Interestingly, the movie's trailer mimics the preview for the iconic 2010 film "The Social Network" — a purposeful decision, according to Howe, who said the move will "hopefully draw attention and media to our project by highlighting our skills and attention to detail." In addition to hitting Trump, the trailer also seems to allude to a documentary casting the Republican Party in a not-so-good light.

"Republicans have to wake up to the fact that we have been part of and contributing to a machine that does not work towards fixing America’s problems — it works towards maintaining the status quo," Howe said. "The base mostly realized this, but took their outrage over it into extremes that have damaged the party and conservatism."

Asked if the decision to criticize the GOP could hurt down ballot races, which conservatives opposed to Trump are committed to winning, Howe said he is confident "The Sociopath" will have "zero impact," because those who embrace Trump will already have trouble getting elected "regardless of what I say about them."

"If they reject him, as many have," Howe said, "they will attract voters who are, I believe, hungry for principled leadership."

Howe believes both Republicans and Democrats have contributed to Trump's political success and the only way to stop the brash New York real estate developer — and save the conservative movement — is to "stop playing these silly games," referring to the frequent refrain offered by Republicans that voters "have to support the nominee no matter how much he is the antithesis of our beliefs."

The current fundraising goal for the movie is $300,000, but Howe said he would like to see that number rise much higher. With the finances raised, the conservative activist hopes to bolster his team with a few more production crew members who could travel to several Trump events to gather footage for the film.

The goal is to release the movie in October, just one month shy of the general election, and, depending on the amount of money raised, Howe would like to invest in "sizable marketing opportunities" to promote the movie and distribute it to venues "beyond online outlets."

Howe, and many others, may have "already given up" on electing a president they support, but "The Sociopath" could at least offer the lingering Never-Trump movement a last hurrah in their lengthy battle to keep Trump from winning the White House. Only time will tell if it works.

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