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Viral Video: Police Offer Ice Cream to Pulled-Over Drivers in Virginia


"Oh my god."

Image source: YouTube

Viral new video shows a Virginia police officer pulling over drivers and, instead of issuing tickets, offering a sweet surprise.

Halifax, Virginia, Police officer Brian Warner is seen on video walking up to a car he had just pulled over, asking the female driver if she knew why she was stopped, to which she responded, "No, sir."

Much to the surprise of the driver and her passenger, the officer informed them that it's "against the law" to drive on a hot day without an ice cream cone. Both the driver and the passenger then burst into laughter. "Oh, my god. I was so scared," the driver said.

Altogether, officers pulled over about 20 drivers to give them ice cream cones, according to WSET-TV.

Of the woman seen in the video, Warner said, "Her reaction was absolutely the best. It was genuine, and she had us smiling and laughing for a good hour afterward." I've probably watched the video myself 50 times just laughing."

Warner said in response to the video that it's one of the "great things" about being a police officer.

"You get to meet people like that on a daily basis, and it makes the job worth it," Warner said. To that, Halifax Police Sgt. Stuart Come added, "I love our citizens, and we appreciate the support that they give us on a daily basis ... not just for times like this, but for everyday."

The video, uploaded by Halifax Police Chief Kevin Lands, has been viewed more than 4.8 million times on Facebook.

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