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Racist Out!': Watch How 'Black and Brown' Activists Forcibly Remove Trump Supporter From NYC Park


An activist tells the Trump supporter that the park “is not your space.”

Image source: Twitter

A man wearing a hat emblazoned with Donald Trump’s "Make America Great Again" campaign slogan was physically forced from a New York City park by activists protesting police brutality who called him a “racist” and a “fascist.”

The video was captured by Alexander Rubinstein of RT America, a network funded by the Russian government.

In the video, protesters tell the Trump supporter that his “white supremacy” is “violent,” but he denies being a white supremacist.

An activist tells the Trump supporter that the park “is not your space.”

“This is a space for black and brown lives, and we’re here to talk about police brutality,” she said. “You want to talk about [that] Trump s**t, go to a Trump rally, go to Trump Tower, you’re not going to do that here.”

The crowd begins to chant “racist out” and “fascist out” as they physically expel him from the park. They cheer when he is shoved outside.

One protester noted that the Trump supporter was immediately surrounded by cameras following his ejection and questioned if giving opposing voices "exactly what they want" was "worth it."

The man told reporters that he thinks “shutting down commerce” isn’t an effective way for protesters to get their point across.

Watch the video:

(Content warning: Strong language)

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