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HLN Blurs Trump T-Shirt Worn by Retired N.J. Cop Who Saved Infant Girl's Life


See the interview.

Image source: YouTube

The retired New Jersey police officer who saved a baby locked in a hot car has been making the media rounds, including on HLN.

But it wasn't just the heroic rescue itself that made headlines after he appeared on CNN's sister channel.

During a live interview that aired Wednesday, the retired officer, Steven Eckel, wore a "Trump for President" T-shirt.

Image source: YouTube

However, when the story re-aired later in the day, Eckel's shirt was blurred out.

Image source: YouTube

Here's the uncensored interview:

And here's the censored segment:

HLN said in a statement Thursday afternoon that the image was blurred "in error."

As the Daily Caller noted, the move came just days after HLN announced it was canceling Dr. Drew Pinsky's show. Pinsky recently questioned the quality of Hillary Clinton's health care, saying he was "gravely concerned" about the "1950s level" care the candidate was receiving.

Editor's note: This post has been updated to include a statement from HLN.

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