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Black Lives Matter rioter body slams CNN reporter during live coverage


CNN reporter Ed Lavandera was assaulted by an aggressive protester while he was reporting live Wednesday night from Charlotte, the epicenter of violent Black Lives Matter demonstrations following two police-involved shootings this week.

Lavandera, reporting back to network host Anderson Cooper, was detailing the riotous events unfolding in downtown Charlotte when a man, appearing to be a protester, rushed the correspondent, instantly forcing him to the ground.

The reporter quickly got up and worked to regain his footing with the help of his camera staff and security detail.

"Ed, are you OK?" Cooper can be heard asking.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, we're fine, Anderson, we're fine," Lavandera, visibly shaken, told the anchor. "They're just, uh, taking out their frustrations on me."

Cooper said: "If you need to leave that location, Ed, that's fine. Just let us know."

The journalist appeared to be OK.

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