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Motorist flips off ‘ugly redneck’ Trump supporter then records traffic stop. Check out what cop tells her.


"I’m allowed to do with my First Amendment freedom of speech rights."

Image source: YouTube

A woman says she was just going to pick up her son from school when she passed by a house with Trump-Pence and "Hillary for prison" yard signs — and just couldn't contain her anger any longer.

In a video uploaded to YouTube and shared by LiveLeak, an unidentified woman claims she was driving past a house passes every day when she saw a "big, ugly redneck guy standing in the driveway." She could have just kept driving without making any contact with the man, but instead she decided to liven things up.

"So I gave him the finger, which I’m allowed to do with my First Amendment freedom of speech rights,” the woman stated, later adding that, for friends who "know her," it was actually a "mild" thing to do. But the story doesn't end there.

“And this motherf***er got in his car and chased me!” the woman complains, adding that the man also took pictures of her car, including her license plate, and told police that he has a right to do so. She says that at one point she rolled down her window and told the man, "Back off, you f***ing racist," but said he kept chasing her.

And because she didn't want him to know where her child goes to school, the woman says she turned around kept honking and flashing her lights at a cop, until apparently the two ended up being talked to by an officer on the side of the road.

Meanwhile, the woman's child was presumably stuck at school because of his mom's politically motivated actions.

Moments later, the officer walks up to the woman's window, where she informs him that she is recording the incident on social media because she has "a lot of followers."

The officer then tells the woman that the man told him she's a "public disturbance," because the man lives in a school zone.

"My question to you is, why would you even go out of your way to do that?" the officer asks.

The woman replied by saying, "because I'm angry about this election, sir."

"You're letting your emotions take the benefit of you," the officer said. "Just move on."

"Move on? There is a racist, xenophobic maniac running for president and that guy is supporting him and if I give him the finger, that's a peaceful. ... My point is that I silently protested something I don't agree with," she answered.

The officer, refusing to get into a "political discussion," did what elementary school teachers often do with students who can't along — to just stay away from him.

"What you need to do is stay away from him. Don't drive by his residence," the officer said. When the woman claims she "has to" drive by his house, the officer warns her that the man has cameras outside his house.

"I would recommend that you just drive on next time," the officer tells the woman. "Don't start fights."

(H/T: Young Conservatives)

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