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CNN, Fox News focus groups overwhelmingly agree: Clinton won the first debate


Clinton won by wide-margins, according to both groups.

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According to focus groups at both Fox News and CNN, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton handily defeated Republican Donald Trump in Monday's presidential debate.

At CNN, the focus group went 18-2 in favor of Clinton. And at Fox, pollster Frank Luntz's group went 16-6 in favor of the former secretary of state. CNN's group was a group of voters from Florida, while Luntz's group was comprised of Pennsylvanians.

Supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump listen to the first of three presidential debates on Monday. (Getty Images/Steve Pope)

Luntz, who tweeted frequently throughout the debate, said that Trump didn't do well when he talked about his taxes but began to rebound when he knocked Clinton over her email scandal. However, Trump "tanked" when "trying to explain why he questioned Obama's birthplace for so long."

Overall, Luntz said, Trump could have done better if he hadn't let Clinton get under his skin.

According to Luntz, even the staunchest Trump supporter in the focus group said that Trump performed poorly.

CNN's focus group ripped Trump for saying that his temperament is his best quality.

"His temperament is horrible," one of the group members said. "I mean, all he likes to do is just bad mouth his opponent. What's he going to do in a situation where, say, a foreign government, uh, does something that he doesn't like? Is he just gonna go push the button?"

Trump, however, dominated in post-debate online polls, which aren't scientific and often allow people to vote more than once.

Still, Clinton defeated Trump in most post-debate scientific polling. According to the CNN/ORC poll, 62 percent of people who watched the debate thought Clinton won, while just 27 percent thought Trump did.

The next showdown between Trump and Clinton is Sunday, Oct. 9. It will be moderated by ABC News' Martha Raddatz, and Americans will be able to submit questions for the candidates.

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