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Netanyahu addresses reports he was booed during 'Hamilton' performance: 'See for yourself


“It's rare that one can see such a stark difference between the truth and what was reported.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses the General Assembly at the United Nations on September 22, 2016 in New York City. Presidents, prime ministers, monarchs and ministers are gathering this week for the United Nation's General Assembly's annual ministerial meeting. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used social media Tuesday to dispute reports — with video evidence — that he was booed during a performance of the musical “Hamilton” Saturday.

Multiple media outlets — including the New York Post's Page Six — had reported that Netanyahu was greeted by boos at the theater.

“The show started late because of his arrival — the heightened security slowed down seating,” an unnamed “theatergoer” told Page Six. “But he still entered and sat down before the lights went down, so everyone was focused on him. There was a lot of applause when he walked in, but definitely a few loud boos.”

Netanyahu responded with Facebook post, which included the video of the entrance. In the wrote he noted that he attended the show with his wife Sarah while visiting New York City to attend the UN General Assembly and that they were welcomed “with enthusiasm” at the show.

After my speech to the UN General Assembly, I went with my wife Sara to the musical Hamilton. When I entered the main hall of the theater, more than 1,000 people welcomed us with enthusiasm. Many stood on their feet and applauded. Among the cheering crowd maybe one or two called out derogatory remarks. The audience, which was mostly composed of Americans from across the United States, included Senator Chuck Schumer.

It was hard to believe that a number of media outlets later reported that I was booed. The headline on Ynet said: "Netanyahu hassled while watching Hamilton on Broadway." A Haaretz reporter published on his Twitter feed a headline that said: "Boos for Bibi: Israeli PM Netanyahu is jeered by Broadway crowd has he goes to watch hit musical Hamilton."

“It's rare that one can see such a stark difference between the truth and what was reported,” he concluded. “Watch this video and see for yourself. Share it.”

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