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Here's the 'downright scary' sign CNN's Jim Acosta found at a Trump rally press table


"It's pretty bad stuff."

CNN reporter Jim Acosta (CNN)

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta has been on the campaign trail with Donald Trump, and says he's seeing some "downright scary" things from the Republican presidential nominee's most zealous supporters.

Specifically, Acosta found a sign Thursday he claims was left on the media table at a rally in Palm Beach, Florida, by a Trump backer. The disturbing poster reads, "MEDIA," and features a swastika.

The CNN reporter astutely observed this presidential election has become nothing if not a "race to the bottom."

"It is, at times, getting downright scary," Acosta said. "The people surrounding our press pen at the end of these rallies are really yelling some things at us that they would not want caught in a hot mic moment."

He added, "It's pretty bad stuff."

This latest anti-media jab comes on the heels of some pretty intense hatred leveled against CNN in particular by Trump supporters. During a recent campaign event in Lakeland, Florida, rally-goers began vehemently chanting, "CNN sucks" at Acosta — a cheer the GOP candidate's loyalists have repeated on several occasions.

In yet another instance, Salena Zito, a freelance reporter at a rally in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, earlier this week, recounted an interaction she had with a Trump supporter who assumed she was a CNN journalist.

"I was going to spit on you," the supporter told Zito, after learning that she was not, in fact, a member of the national news outlet.

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