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Fox News host Dana Perino is fed up with dismissal of Trump assault claims: 'I'm done


"Because women should be seen and not heard, apparently."

Dana Perino (Fox News)

As women continue to come forward alleging Donald Trump has sexually harassed them, the Republican presidential nominee is dismissing each and every claim, and one Fox News host has had enough of it.

Dana Perino, who served as former President George W. Bush's press secretary and is now co-host of "The Five," recalled Trump saying earlier Friday that, during the presidential debate Sunday night, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton passed in front of him and he "wasn't impressed."

She also noted a particularly heated moment on MSNBC Friday morning when retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, a senior Trump advisor, asked, "Can you turn her microphone off, please?" when the BBC's Katty Kay pressed him about the billionaire's moral character.

After recanting those events, Perino had only one thing to say: "I'm done."

"The Republican representatives who are defending this are really irritating me. I've been like Mount Vesuvius all day," Perino said. "There are people like — you know who you are. You know who you are, Ben Carson. ... Because women should be seen and not heard, apparently."

"After 20 years of defending these guys," she continued, "I'm done."

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